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Enneftee is an acronym for NFT, which stands for “Non-Fungible Token.” 

What is an NFT Non Fungible Token ?

An NFT is a unique token on the blockchain, often representing ownership of an asset or a special claim or right. 

An NFT can be an artwork.

An NFT can be a movie ticket, or a ticket for a Taylor Swift concert. A ticket that you can keep, and that also gives you access to special fan content on the movie website. With special deals and offers just for the NFT holders. 

An NFT can also belong to a collection, of a FanClub, and prove your membership of the Club.

We are constantly discovering new use cases.

No hosted wallets. No private keys.

Your wallet. Your NFT. You own it.

Enneftee dot com do not own your tokens or NFT’s at any point. We do not host wallets. We do not ask for your private keys. You remain the sole owner of your assets.

Learn more about NFT :

Further info about NFT

NFT’s were quite the hype in the crypto world, the past years. What is it all about ? 

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Where to

Learn more about NFT's

Udemy :
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OpenSea NFT Exchange :
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Coinbase Exchange :
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About Us

Who we are

Enneftee dot com is owned by Juust from Juust.org

Early adopters

The first NFT hype wave seems over. The market cooled down, everyone is down in the dumps…. that is a good moment to enter the market. Especially cyclical markets. 

The market seems to repeat a cyclical pattern every four years, roughly. I am counting on the power of repetition. 

This wave are early adopters. The brands are opting in. NFT’s have found their use cases. 

I will start developing this domain this cycle, and steadily keep building. Hopefully this site will blossom in the next cycle’s bullmarket, in 2029. 

Until then, expect nothing, and you will never be disappointed. 

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